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Elizabeth Boskey, Ph.D.

Women are not Children

By June 6, 2012

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I'd love to say that I was surprised to read this piece, talking about how women are less likely than men to be told about the potential fertility side effects of cancer treatment, but I'm not. Well, I actually am surprised about the number of men who were informed about fertility risk, but I'm not surprised that doctors failed to inform their female patients. If you look at the pages and pages of user stories I've received about Pap smear experiences, it becomes very clear that there is a tendency to treat women like children during their medical care. In other words, doctors like to tell women what to do rather than give them the information to make decisions themselves. This certainly happens to men too, but probably not nearly as often. There is still a common perception that women need to be taken care of, while men can take care of themselves. In reality, everyone needs a bit of care... and they also need a bit of respect.
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