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Elizabeth Boskey, Ph.D.

Off The Hook (Up)

By November 30, 2012

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An article recently published online in the Journal of Adolescent Health is working to debunk the notion that the only kind of sex that today's college kids are having is in the context of a casual hook-up, without any emotional or romantic commitment. Instead, the researchers, who surveyed almost 500 female, first-year college students about their sexual relationships, found that the young women were far more likely to be having sex in the context of a dating relationship than they were with a hookup. Mind you, during any given month, between seven to 18 percent of the surveyed girls were having oral and vaginal sex outside of the context of relationships, it's just that 25-38 percent of the girls were having sex within them. In other words, hookups are common, but they're far from the only way that college students are having sex. (Mind you, given my knowledge of earlier research on the subject, I'm actually slightly more worried about girls' sexual safety during relationships. Many young women are more likely to practice safe sex with casual partners, even if their "relationships" don't last more than a few dates)

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