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Everything you always wanted to know about chlamydia, but didn't know where to ask.
Warning: Photos May Offend Some Viewers

Can I Get Chlamydia From Anal Sex?
Rectal chlamydia is a real risk for gay men and other individuals who practice unprotected anal sex.

Is chlamydia caused by bacteria or a virus?
Chlamydia is caused by a bacterium that sometimes acts more like a virus. This type of microorganism is also known as an obligate intracellular parasite

How Do I Get Tested For Chlamydia?
Testing for chlamydia may be done differently for men than it is for women.
Warning: Photos May Offend Some Viewers

How is Chlamydia Treated?
Antibiotics are the treatment method of choice for a chlamydia infection.

What Are The Symptoms of Chlamydia?
Most people with chlamydia have no symptoms at all.

What Do I Need To Know About Chlamydia During Pregnancy?
Chlamydia can cause not only eye infections, but pneumonia, in infants.

Chlamydia: Long Term Consequences
What happens if a chlamydia infection goes untreated? What are the long term side effects? It can affect your health, your fertility, and the health of your future children.Warning: Photos May Offend Some Viewers

Chlamydia: An Overview
One of the most common STD diagnoses people hear is, "You have chlamydia." Here's what you need to read next.

Chlamydia: Diagnosis and Treatment
How is chlamydia diagnosed? How is it treated? What to expect before you go to the doctor's office.
Warning: Photos May Offend Some Viewers

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