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Condoms 101

Everything you need to know about condoms from how to use a condom to how to choose a condom for oral sex. Includes information about both the male and female condoms.
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How to Use a Condom
Images of the proper way to use a condom during and after sex.

Do You Have A Condom?
If you're planning on having sex, or are the sort of person who might be having sex even if they don't plan to, your answer should always be yes. It's important for everyone, male or female, to carry their own safer sex supplies. That way, if you decide to have sex, you'll always be prepared. Whether or not you're a boy scout.

Where To Find Free Condoms
Practicing safer sex doesn't need to cost you an arm and a leg. A lot of times if you just look around you can get your condoms for free.

When a Woman Doesn't Want To Use a Condom
Although many people think that it's always the male sex partner who is reluctant to use a condom, that isn't actually the case. Often it's a woman saying that she doesn't like condoms or want to use them. Some women are just being stubborn, but others have had experiences that make them honestly believe that sex with condoms is bad for their health. Here's how to change their minds

Why Some Men Might Like the Female Condom
The female condom isn't only an innovation for women who want to take more control over their safe sex lives. Certain groups of men also really like using this alternative to male condoms.

Condom Size Chart
While condoms are pretty much one size fits all, that doesn't mean that one size fits all comfortably. Since being comfortable using a condom is a great predictor of men actually using them, it's useful to learn about the many different options. One difference between brands? Condom size.

Choosing a Condom - Condom Stories
Not all condoms are alike. Some are thicker, some are thinner, some are blue, and some are flavored. What type of condoms do you like, and why?

Buy a Condom
Although lubricated, latex condoms are relatively all purpose standbys, they may not be the best condom for all occasions.

Oral Sex Tip - Choosing a Condom for Oral Sex
How do you pick out the right condom for oral sex? It's all about keeping things in good taste.

Oral Sex Tip - Putting On a Condom With Your Mouth
Have trouble convincing your partner to use a condom? Try putting it on with your mouth. Condoms make oral sex safer, but using oral sex to put on a condom is also a great way to convince a reluctant partner that safe sex is a good idea. Here are some tips for how to apply a condom in a way that any man will find stimulating.

Tell Your Male Partner You Want To Practice Safe Oral Sex
Although people often expect to need to use condoms for vaginal and anal intercourse, many people don't expect to use them for blowjobs. How do you negotiate using a condom for oral sex?

If polyisoprene is synthetic latex, how is it safe for latex …
Polyisoprene is the synthetic form of latex, so how can polyisoprene condoms be promoted as safe for people with latex allergies? The secret has to do with a better understanding of what a latex allergy actually is.

How To Use A Male Condom
Instructions for how to use a male condom.

How to Use The Female Condom
Women: Do you want to try something different in bed? Interested in taking more control over your STD protection? Consider experimenting with the female condom.

Everything You Need To Know About Condoms
It's all very well and good to say "you need to use a condom," but how do you use a condom? Even more importantly, perhaps, how do you choose a condom to use? Let me help you find the information you need to make good decisions about practicing safer sex.

Condom Pictures - Making Condoms Into Art
Whenever I need to illustrate an article or a concept about safe sex, I always first think of the humble condom. However, sometimes the image I need isn't available, and it's time to get creative. These are some condom images I've created to discuss specific topics in sexual health.

Review the Condoms You Love and the Condoms You Hate
Users review the condoms they love and the condoms they hate. See submissions

Condom Pictures
Most of the time when people are talking about condoms, it's during very serious conversations about safe sex. Sometimes, however, it's fun to make condoms into art. This is a place to share your artistic condom pictures (no nudity, nothing explicit.) Why not have some fun with a pen and paper, digital manipulation, or a pile of expired...

Novelty Condoms
Not all condoms are created equal. Sometimes, novelty and gift manufacturers will sell novelty condoms that have not been approved for safe sex.

Condoms - Latex
Latex condoms are the best way to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases, if you are going to have sex.

Safe Sex for People with Latex Allergies
There are a number of good safe sex options for people with latex allergies.

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