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Vegan Condoms


Updated May 29, 2014

Vegan Condoms
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Average. Vegan condoms cost about the same as other condoms, but cost varies from brand to brand.

Ease of Acquisition:

Glyde condoms, which are currently registered as vegan with The Vegan Society, are easy to find online but hard to locate in your local drug store. RSFU condoms, which are certified as vegan by The Vegan Action Foundation, may be similarly difficult to locate offline.

Other condoms, such as the Durex Avanti Ultima condom and several Pasante brands are currently formulated as vegan condoms, but they are not registered as vegan products. They are, however, probably easier to find in your local drug store.

Use During Vaginal Intercourse:

There is no reason not to use vegan latex condoms for any activity you would normally use a latex condom for, including vaginal sex.

Use During Anal Sex:

Vegan condoms should be fine for use during anal sex. Just make certain to find some good vegan lube to go with them.

Use During Oral Sex:

Other than the fact that they may engender a debate over whether oral sex is a vegan activity, there is no reason not to use vegan condoms for oral sex.

The Verdict:

Although it would never have occurred to me that a condom wouldn't be vegan, it turns out that many condom companies process their latex condoms using casein - a protein derived from milk. There are several condom companies that do not use casein, however, and at least two of them (Glyde & RFSU) have registered with vegan groups in a pledge to remain animal-friendly. These condoms use no animal testing and no animal by-products.

I think it's wonderful that condom companies are marketing safe sex to the vegan community. Vegan latex, polyurethane, or polyisoprene condoms should have the same safe sex benefits as the non-vegan variety, and anything that encourages more people to practice safe sex is fine with me.

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