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Sex Education & Teenage Sexuality

Talking to teenagers about sex isn't easy. That's why I try and provide you with all the information you need, as well as suggestions for how to have "The Talk" most effective.y
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Oral Sex and Teenagers - Do Teenagers Often Have Oral Sex?
Oral Sex and Teenagers - Do Teenagers Often Have Oral Sex?

Does sex during menstruation increase the risk of getting an STD?
Is it safe to have sex during your period? It's a good question, no matter how you're defining safety.

How Do About.com Health Guides Think About Science?
As a scientist who writes about health, I'm often less worried about breaking health information as quickly as possible, and more worried about whether that health information is ready to be news.

How do scientists know if people in their studies are telling the truth?
Sexuality research is hard. Researching topics like teen sex is harder. How do scientists know if teens are telling the truth about abstinence on surveys? Short answer: They don't.

Myths About Safe Sex
I have been infuriated by some of the things I read on the Internet when it comes to safe sex. Everywhere I look, there are people spouting ridiculous untruths to get their partners to sleep with them without a condom...

Why Are Young Women More Biologically Susceptible To Cervical Infections?
The transformation zone of the cervix is larger in young women.

The Problem With Virginity Pledges
Focusing on the abstract concept of virginity is a dangerous way to approach sex education. Ask any two people, and they may not even agree on what it means. That's a problem, because shouldn't sex education help you figure out what you should and shouldn't do?

Can I get an STD from having sex with a virgin?
Just because the person you're having sex with is a virgin, that doesn't mean you can't get an STD and they aren't at risk of pregnancy. Virginity doesn't necessarily mean that someone hasn't had sex. It all depends on how you define sex.

If I still have my virginity, how can I have an STD?
Some people think that if they still have their virginity that they can't have an STD. However, the way that most people define virginity doesn't mean that they haven't had sex.

Should Teenagers Get Pap Smears?
Cervical screening guidelines for adolescents completely changed in the summer of 2010.

What Should I Know About The Hymen?
The hymen is a ring of tissue that fully or partially blocks the entrance to the vagina

Should States Be Allowed to Mandate the HPV Vaccine?
The state of Texas' recent decision to mandate vaccination with the HPV vaccine has drawn a lot of controversy. Why might mandating the HPV vaccine be a good idea? Are there any downsides?

What is a validated instrument?
A validated instrument is a series of questions that have been shown to actually ask what scientists want to know. This is more difficult than you'd think. Survey research is a picky business.

Health Belief Model
The health belief model is a tool that scientists use to understand people's health behaviors.

The American Social Health Association
The American Social Health Association website is an excellent resource for information about sexually transmitted diseases, safer sex, and prevention.

The Body
The Body is a resource for in depth information about topics related to HIV and the AIDS epidemic.

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