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Which STDs are caused by parasites and fungus? Is a yeast infection an STD? What is trichomoniasis? How do I deal with "crabs"?
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Are Yeast Infections Sexually Transmitted?
Ask any woman who has ever had a yeast infection and she'll agree that yeast infections are the scourge of womankind. They not only cause horrible itching and make sex painful, yeast infections have the same annoying habit as certain visiting relatives... first they refuse to go away and then they keep coming back. Many women suffer from frequent, recurring yeast infections, and most of them have…

Pubic Lice: An Overview
Crabs. Pubic Lice. Are you itching to understand?

Scabies: An Overview
Scabies is a contagious skin rash that is not always sexually transmitted.

What is trichomoniasis? How is trichomoniasis spread? How is trichomoniasis treated? Does trichomoniasis have any long term side-effects? What does the Trichomonas vaginalis protozoa look like?

Vaginal Yeast Infections
Vaginal yeast infections aren't sexually transmitted diseases, but they are often mistaken for them.

Oral Thrush
Thrush, which is a yeast infection of the mouth, is the most common opportunistic infection seen in individuals with HIV/AIDS.

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