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Risk Factors for STDs

What is Risky Behavior? Why is it safer sex, not safe sex? How does my drug use affect my STD risk? Are there really that many people infected with STDs?
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Why is it important to have safe anal sex?
Anal sex may not carry a risk of pregnancy, but that doesn't mean it isn't risky. Anal sex can be fun, but practicing safer anal sex is critical if you want to protect your rectal, and overall, health.

STDs & the Elderly
Sexually transmitted diseases aren't only a problem of the young. Older people can suffer from them, too. In fact, there are several reasons why older adults may actually be in more danger from STDs than their younger companions.

What are the odds of my getting an STD if I have sex?
What are the odds of getting an STD if you have sex? No reputable doctor is going to be able to answer that question without a lot more information, and even then, they still might not be able to do so.

Can Fingering Give me An STD?
There is almost no published research addressing the question of whether fingering (digital-vaginal penetration, manual penetration, heavy petting, whatever you want to call it) is a risk factor for STD transmission, but logic says it should be.

Calculating Your STD Risk Profile
Everyone who is sexually active is at risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease. How high is your risk of STDs? Well, it depends both on who you are and who you're sleeping with. Here are some things to think about when calculating your STD risk profile.

What does it mean for a disease or a condition to be "socially stigmatized?"
It's bad enough being diagnosed with an STD, but it's even worse when people start judging you for that diagnosis.

Is Oral Sex Safe Sex?
People like to think that oral sex is something they can do casually, because it's risk free, but that's just not the case. Oral sex - both giving and receiving - puts you at risk of a number of STDs

Risk Factors for Acquiring an STD
There are a variety of factors which influence your risk of acquiring an STD. Some of them are biological, some of them are behavioral, and some of them have to do with your environment.

The Hidden Dangers of Nonoxynol-9
Nonoxynol-9 (N-9) may reduce your risk of pregnancy, but it can actually increase your risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease. Learn more about why this spermicide that is supposed to protect you might be damaging your health.

How Does STD Infection Increase HIV Risk?
Numerous STDs increase the risk of becoming infected with HIV. How do STDs increase the risk of HIV? Does treating STDs reduce the risk of becoming HIV positive?

Douching? Don't!
Douching may seem like a good idea, but it can have unfortunate consequences for your reproductive health.

Myths About Safe Sex
I have been infuriated by some of the things I read on the Internet when it comes to safe sex. Everywhere I look, there are people spouting ridiculous untruths to get their partners to sleep with them without a condom...

What Are the Risks of Having Oral Sex Performed by a Prostitute?
Once a month or so, I receive an e-mail from a man who has visited a prostitute for a blow job and wants to know what the risks of oral sex are.

How Can Circumcision Reduce A Man's Risk Of Acquiring HIV?
Circumcision can reduce a man's risk of acquiring HIV.

Why Are Young Women More Biologically Susceptible To Cervical Infections?
The transformation zone of the cervix is larger in young women.

Is it dangerous to mix drinking and sex?
Drinking and sex can be dangerous, but it may not be for the reason that you think.

Binge Drinking May Increase Susceptibility to HIV
When you drink it's hard to make good decisions. That may increase your risk of HIV and other STDs.

Can I get an STD during dry humping from someone's skin rubbi…
Although frottage is a relatively safe form of sex, when you are dry humping it is possible to get an STD from someone's infected skin rubbing on yours.

Ten Common STD Risk Myths
I frequently get e-mails asking if something, or someone, the writer has just done might have exposed them to an STD. Interestingly, these...

Does period sex increase the risk of getting an STD?
Does having sex when a woman is menstruating increase the risk of getting an STD? The short answer is yes. The long answer is that it's not nearly that simple.

Empathy and STDs
How should you behave when you think (or know) you have an STD and you're about to start a sexual relationship? Put yourself in your partner's shoes.

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