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Why Some Men Might Like the Female Condom


Updated February 03, 2014

Why Some Men Might Like the Female Condom
Keith Brofsky/Getty Images
The female condom isn't only an innovation for women who want to take more control over their safe sex lives. Certain groups of men also really like using this alternative to male condoms. These groups include:
  • Uncircumcised men: Unlike the male condom, the female condom doesn't constrict the foreskin, or cause the foreskin to roll back up over the head of the penis. If an uncut man regularly has trouble applying male condoms, the female condom may be a good option.
  • Men with "non-traditionally" shaped penises: When, for example, the tip of a man's penis is smaller than the base, it can be difficult or uncomfortable to use a male condom. Female condoms don't have the same issue of slippage. There is also much less concern about whether the condom fits.
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