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Information about and discussion of STD policies across the country and around the globe as well as statistics on STDs in the United States.

Is Criminalizing STDs a Good Idea?
Should it be illegal to have sex with someone and not tell them you have an STD or would criminalization laws simply encourage people not to be tested?

Current Issues in STD Criminalization
STD Criminalization takes many forms.

Porn & Condoms - Should Porn Stars Be Required to Wear Condoms?
With several reports of non-trivial STD outbreaks around adult film stars, the question has been raised about whether or not condom use should be required in the porn industry. Do you think that porn producers should be required to have their actors practice safe sex?

Should States Be Allowed to Mandate the HPV Vaccine?
The state of Texas' recent decision to mandate vaccination with the HPV vaccine has drawn a lot of controversy. Why might mandating the HPV vaccine be a good idea? Are there any downsides?

California's 30 Day Rule - STD Testing for Adult Film Stars
California has a multi-billion dollar adult film industry that provides many adult film stars with a good living. To regulate the industry, and try and increase the safety of adult film stars, it requires that they regularly undergo STD testing and test negative for HIV and other STDs within 30 days of a performance. But does a 30 day std...

2010 STD Sureveillance - Syphillis, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea
The 2010 STD surveillance reports have a clear message - we're not doing a good enough job preventing STDs in the U.S.

In 2009, How Many People Were Diagnosed with an STD?
Every year, the CDC collects STD statistics on the most common STDs, including gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and HIV. This is a summary of the STD statistics from 2009, which were released in late November of 2010.

Users Talk Back: Should Knowingly Spreading an STD be Against the Law?
Some jurisdictions consider knowingly exposing someone to an STD to be a criminal offense.

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