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STD Treatment

How are STDs treated? Is treatment different during pregnancy? What is prophylaxis?
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Finding STD Treatment
Worried you might have a sexually transmitted disease, but don't know where to get treatment? It's probably easiest to go to your own doctor, but if you don't have insurance, or are uncomfortable seeing your regular practitioner, there are certainly other affordable options you can explore.

Treatment of STDs
After you're diagnosed with an STD, the first thing you usually want to know is "How is this treated?"

Understanding Fraudulent STD Treatments
Fraudulent STD treatments and products claim to treat or cure STDs but have not been tested and approved by the FDA

How You Know That HPV Cure, HIV Cure, or Herpes Cure is Fake
How do you know that an advertised drug is really just a novel form of snake oil? By the fact that it claims to cure herpes, cure HPV, or cure HIV. To date, there is absolutely no data that a drug which can do any of these things exists.

Five Reasons Using Scam Treatments May Have Improved Your Symptoms
Even though a scam treatment doesn't actually do anything to help your body heal, that doesn't mean it can't make you feel better. This article describes five reasons why even taking fake drugs can help your symptoms improve.

Can You Masturbate When Being Treated for Chlamydia, HIV and Other STDs?
I've been asked whether it's safe to masturbate while being treated for chlamydia so often that I decided to write an article explaining the relationship (or lack of relationship) between masturbation and STDs.

Can A Treated STD Come Back?
Treating an STD doesn't mean that it's gone for ever. If you're not careful, a treated STD can come back.

Deciding When To Visit An STD Free Clinic
How do you know when it's time to go to an STD free clinic? They're not just for when you have STD symptoms.

How Can I Find My Local Free STD Clinic?
How can you find your local free STD clinic? It's not difficult. If you follow a few easy steps, you can usually find a free STD clinic that is convenient to your home or work.

What Happens During a LEEP Procedure for Cervical Dysplasia?
LEEP stands for loop electrosurgical excision procedure, and it is a standard treatment for cervical dysplasia and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia.

What is the difference between conization and cone biopsy?
Conization therapy and cone biopsy both refer to the same procedure - a removal of a cone shaped piece of tissue from the cervix. The difference in terminology comes about for one of two reasons. Either your doctor likes one term more than the other, or she's choosing a term based on why the procedure was done.

Chlamydia: Diagnosis & Treatment
How is chlamydia diagnosed? How is it treated?Warning: Photos May Offend Some Viewers

How are Genital Warts (HPV) Treated?
Treatment for HPV is only to reduce symptoms.

How are Pubic Lice Treated?
Pubic lice are normally treated with topical pesticides.

How are Scabies Treated?
Scabies are treated with topical pesticides.

How is Bacterial Vaginosis Treated?
Bacterial vaginosis can be treated either orally or topically.

How is Chancroid Treated?
Chancroid is treated with antibiotics.

How is Herpes Treated?
Herpes can be treated, but not cured, with certain anti-viral medications.

How is Non-Gonoccocal Urethritis (NGU) Treated?
Most cases of NGU are treated the same way as chlamydia.

How is Syphilis Treated?
Syphilis is treated with specific types of penicillin.

How is Trichomoniasis Treated?
Trichomoniasis is treated with one of two drugs - metronidazole or tinidazole.

Planned Parenthood
Looking for an affordable place to get screened and treated for sexually transmitted diseases? Find your local Planned Parenthood clinic here.

What is a therapeutic vaccine?
Most vaccines are used for disease prevention, but therapeutic vaccines are used for treatment.

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