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Readers Respond: What is Your Favorite Type of Condom, and Why?

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Updated February 23, 2010

From the article: Do You Have A Condom?
Condom preferences vary strongly from individual to individual. Some people like latex, some people like polyurethane, some people prefer the female condom, and still others have no idea why their partners are making such a big deal over the fact that they bought the wrong brand. Do you have a particular brand or type of condom you like? How about a fun story about buying condoms? Tell us about it!

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Kimono size doubts

Hi, I'm probably an average-sized guy, and I find Kimonos much tighter than most -- well, any other -- condoms. I even bought lubricant to get them on at first. Yet your chart indicates they are the same width. I wonder about that. I also don't think they are longer than average condoms, which your chart indicates. I think they are the same length or maybe just very slightly shorter.
—Guest Steve3

Another thumbs up for theyfit

Another happy THEYFIT user here, I saw them in a newspaper and thought "why not" and "what is there to lose" - and yes, more comfort, greater sensitivity and easier to put on. A "thumbs up" from me.
—Guest Leon

I tried "THEYFIT" condoms - thumbs up

I saw in a newspaper about THEYFIT condoms and immediately thought that this was a great idea. I clicked a link on the website and they sent me a "fitting kit" the next day which I used to get a size code (no I will not be revealing my size code here!). What can I say this is a groundbreaking product, thank you for these - the best condom I have used , bar none.
—Guest Keith Tanner

They Fit

I heard about the THEYFIT condoms on a radio show here in Sweden and ordered from the website. Thank you for inventing these, I used to suffer from an uncomfortable feeling when using condoms but these are the best I have used. Henrik
—Guest Henrik


My husband and I tried TheyFit condoms recently after seeing them on the news. Wow! Brilliant concept and they do actually fit, we are both really pleased with them.
—Guest Karen Foley

Custom fit from Coripa.com

They really believe in their product and know the difference it makes in safety, minimizing the risk of pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. My husband is larger than "average" and the standard sizes would frequently break, pinch at the base, or just feel uncomfortable to him. Since getting custom fit he says he barely feels it. And I feel much more confident that I won't wind up with an unplanned pregnancy.

issues with latex and larger condoms

my ex had a sensitivity to latex so I started using Trojan Supras which were fine for her, thank god, but they are so not stretchy and I typically have to use larger condoms any way. So needless to say I had to stop using them cuz they literally cut off my circulation down there. Anyhow I guess the problem I had was finding a non-latex large condom because non-latex are both way to tight and not all that long.
—Guest john

They Fit

I used "regular" condoms for years without realizing they didn't fit correctly. Then I heard about "They Fit" condoms, which are custom-sized to the individual. After I tried them, I realized what a proper-fitting condom should be like. No longer was the condom too tight and difficult to put on. And, now that it wasn't too tight, it wasn't stretching my skin making me too sensitive, so I was lasting longer, too. My problem wasn't length so much as width. Now that They Fit condoms are no longer made, I'm back trying to find a condom that's wider but doesn't have to bee foot-long.
—Guest Tim



Problems with condoms

I'm not sure if its the condom, or the user(it being me) but i've never had success with condoms. I know how to put it on and i know that getting condoms that are to large causes problems. But as with every condom i've tried (and yes i've tried the smallest), they fall off during sex. I'm not super well endowed, but i am above average. Honestly birth control is a life saver for me. I will probably never use a condom again in my life for this reason. Not worth the chance of getting her pregnant. ***From Your Guide: Have you tried the female condom? You might have better luck with them. Also, are you using the condoms correctly? In other words are you rolling them down all the way, using appropriate lubricant, and holding them as you pull out post-ejaculation? ***
—Guest Anonymous

Lambskin All The Way

I love Lambskin. My boyfriend and I of 6 months just tried our first one today and it felt all natural and much better than latex ones to both of us. We haven't had a chance to try out polyurethane or polyisoprene yet, but we will. I just know that Lambskin will always be one of our favorites. They are best if used in a monogamous relationship where both partners don't have any STDs and are not wanting to get pregnant. It's like he's wearing nothing at all! ;) ***From Your Guide: Just wanted to emphasize what the writer wrote - lambskin condoms should NOT be used for STD prevention. They are only for pregnancy prevention.***
—Guest Alycia

Love condoms - the natural way

We've only used condoms. I wouldn't consider messing with my hormones or heaven forbid, have an IUD inserted when we can just pick up some condoms. I'm very healthy and free to enjoy my life, I credit the condoms. No bladder infections, my friends on BCP's seem to get lots of bladder infections and lots of other awful side effects. One friend even had bleeding that needed invasive investigation only to be told the BCP breaks down the protective barrier on the cervix and can cause bleeding. My friends on the Pill spend their lives sitting in a doctor's waiting room for another procedure or biopsy. I would hate that sort of life. I don't mess with something that is working perfectly well. It amazes me that many women mess with their bodies and go through hell rather than ask their partners to put on a condom. Do you think men would put up with all of that? Even if I could get the BCP at the pharmacy, I wouldn't. It causes health problems for many women. I prefer the natural way.
—Guest Elaine

Condoms give me control over my life

I'm with Milly. Birth control that is medically controlled exposes you to risk and loss of personal control. With condoms, I call the shots, I'm free to examine the evidence and decide for myself if and when I want preventative medicine. I can't understand why so many women accept a medical life. All of these exams and tests that become compulosry if you need a script carry risk with very limited benefits. Not having a choice is a serious concern, after all, its your health and happiness on the line. Yet another poor friend is going into hospital for a conization. It will be negative like everything else she and my other friends have had done. It seems like someone is having a piece of cervix removed every other month. Most eventually work out this is not beneficial to their health and lives. I lived in Europe for 3 years and know all of these biopsies and treatments are caused by irresponsible screening and not by cancer. Give me condoms and a full non-medical life any day!
—Guest Kate

my fave

my fave condom is either the extra strong trojan or the extra strong durex but really anything that is extra strong will suit me ;) wink wink

Back to condoms

I've gone off BC after the recommendations for paps were changed recently. I read a few articles that talked about the high risks with annual testing. My doctor still insists on annual testing. I would never have taken the risk with annual paps from 18 had I known at the outset. I can't agree to it. Given my only option is birth control and annual smears or no BC and being free to set my own timetable, I've chosen the latter. We'll use condoms and my partner has an appointment with a urologist next month to ask about the snip. If an expert panel has said that annual testing is bad, I can't understand how doctors can dismiss that and say, No annual pap = no BC That seems improper to me. My favorite type of condom will be something thin for greater sensitivity, the range is huge. I've lost touch with condoms after using BC in an exclusive relationship for the last 10 years. I'm looking forward to trying the various types and protecting myself from over-testing at the same time!
—Guest Tessa

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