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Readers Respond: Websites/Apps that allow you to see if a partner has tested positive for an STD

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Updated April 09, 2013

There are a number of services that allow people to go online, or use their smartphones, to check whether a potential partner has tested positive for an STD. Some of these services perform STD testing themselves, whereas others use either self reported screening results or results reported by a verified healthcare provider.

Do you think that services like this are useful? Would you be more likely to check a person's test results online or by phone than to talk about them before having sex? Do you think that having verified results available would actually make having such a discussion easier?

Share your thoughts here!

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Online testing service

I have used one, stdcheck.com, My dr would not test me becuase i was not showing symptoms but i wanted to know for my own self because i made a mistake. They sent me to a Labcorp lab and they did the testing. To my surprise it was actually a good experience.
—Guest Anonymous

Need to know

I know someone who has herpies and I'm pretty sure the don't tell their partners.
—Guest Kevyn Devereaux

Would You Use One

Websites/Apps that allow you to see if a partner has tested positive for an STD

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