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Readers Respond: HIV Testing: The Fears, The Realities, and The Stories

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Updated February 23, 2010

Getting an HIV test can be terrifying, even if you know you are at very low risk for HIV. Whether you make it a point to go once a year or only head to the testing center after you've done something that puts you at risk, HIV testing is an experience that is hard to forget.

This is a place for you to share your stories about HIV testing. Feel free to talk about when and why you decided to get tested, as well about what it was like going for the test itself.

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Scared & waiting!!!

I just took my first HIV test in 2 years today & I'm terrified of the results! I have to wait a week for results (blood test) I can't sleep & I've been googling HIV stuff on HIV & I'm terrified I might have it. I'm nervous I'm scared & I can't sleep. Is anyone else having these issues or is it my guilty conscious?
—Guest JayBe

Here goes nothing.

So, I've had casual sex a few times, but I've never been tested. My list of partners is around 5-6, but I've been in a monogamous relationship for the past 2 years. I've never had any symptoms, but I'm scared because the symptoms can be dormant. Logically I don't think I have anything, but you never know. So I'm getting tested soon, I just really hope it all comes back negative. Please, and prayers are appreciated.
—Guest TheWorriedGirl

Love your self!

I had been sex for many mens without protection 2years ago.this january i got married to my husband from australia.and i need to do a full medical test including HIV test i cant stop myself to think everytime coz ill going to know the reult after 8-10weeks,so instead of thinking everynight i go to the clinic near in my place to do another HIV test after 2days i got the result and im so happy coz the result was negative!i didnt had any HIV smptoms but still thingking about the result...is there any possible to have mistakes in the result after ive waited for 2years to have HIV test?pls help me...thank you
—Guest Scared mumma

im bout to worry my self to death

Someone plz help me. This has been.over 12years ago.this dude.who i was messing with was supported have hiv. I got tested in.2011 and every year afer.that i been getting tested and they all say negative. For some.reason i just found out i was a lil anemic i think i have it can someone pls answer this for me ***From Your Guide: 11 years after the fact, if you test negative, the chances that you're not negative are vanishingly small***
—Guest rema

Hope Faith

Most teenagers hate their parents for being so over protective..well I now wish I would have listened because all they do is protect you. I am a freshman in college of almost 19 years and I have had a few crazy nights with a 25 year old who I didn't really know. I was afraid in having sex because I didn't know him that well, but what I didn't think about was that you are still at risk of being infected with an std through skin to skin contact and even though that occurred over 3 months ago I am living in hell today. My boyfriend and I spent a night together but it was only in the shower where there was a skin to skin contact. as you can see I am confused and afraid to find out what I fear. I believe in god so much and all I ask for is a second chance to live my life differently, to love my health and respect my body and say no to temptation. I am so young and I pray that I test negative, I am still a virgin and have a lot more to live I just hope that I can do so with a healthy body.
—Guest Julia

Scared out of my brains

I just recently turned 19 years old and I am really scared and anxious. I have been really stupid in the past, having casual sex with people I barely knew (Sometimes unprotected). I didn't think anything of it at the time, but all of a sudden the fear of being HIV+ has frightened me to no end. I am really nervous about going to get tested, for the sake of myself and my partner. I've made phone calls and I'm pushing myself to get tested as soon as I can get an appointment. After this dark, clouding experience with fear and anxiety, casual sex is a huge NO NO for me. Please pray for me.
—Guest Kris

Anxious, anxious, anxious.

I'm scared of my test results. I only have to wait a day or two more, but I'm in this amazing relationship and I don't want to have to disappoint anyone or live with the regret for the rest of my life. This whole situation makes me realize how important it is for adults to stress the risk of not using protection. I've had an STD before, which is already hard to deal with, so I just pray my results come back negative for everything else.
—Guest Lynn

scared stupid for 9 years....

I wanted to come onto this forum and post m experience with HIV testing. I have been like so many others out there, over analyzing, sleepless nights, driving myself to the point of madness over the three dreaded letters H I V. I had sex for the first time when I was 18 years old and since then have had a handful of not so safe encounters with people who were friends of mine and part of my party circle. I had a drinking problem and bleak outlook on life during this time and didn't care much about myself. Sadly enough, I was always more concerned about everyone else around me. Almost 5 years ago I met the man who I am now engaged to. 3 days ago, I mustard up the courage to finally take the test. I was ready to end the sleepless nights and cold fear that consumed me over the thought that I COULD HAVE HIV. I took the oraquick rapid test and my fiance read me the results..NEGATIVE. I found support and courage in him and my future mother in law and made best decision ever! Stay strong!!
—Guest not so anxious anymore

I'm woried sick

I can't believe I have been so careless. I have been seeing this older guy for a year now (off and on) and now worried that I might hae contracted some deadly or serious. i don't have any symptms, but still you never know. I was really worried until I signed up for Mediciad and my caseworker asked me when my last check up was ans since I hadn't had any in while I agree to take an HIV test, Syphillis and tb. I will be getting my results in a fw days and I'm worried sick. someone please help me. I have tested Last year (2012)for HIV and it was negative and did a pap smear and oh well let's say it turned up abnorml and doctor diagnosed me with chymedia. I can now say I have learned from my mistakes and hoping that I test negative for all three. Please it is not worth your peace of mind so protect yourself as I I'll too. cheers!
—Guest Raquel

Sick with worry

I recently found out that I had chlamydia and it really freaked me out! It made me wonder if I had chlamydia, then what else did I have. I still have almost a week to wait for my results, but I'm about to drive myself insane! I'm googling symptoms and now I'm convincing myself I have hiv or herpes! Now I have a soretthroat and I'm thinking it's the end of the world! This is a definite wake up call. I've had no symptoms and my sore throat is mild and I haven't even had it 24 hours yet! I'm about to have a break down. It's all I think about. Not sure how I'm going to brace myself for the results! I just want a negative and I'll get my act together!
—Guest Sam

In fear

I had unprotected sex 4 years ago,with a sex worker,even thoug here Aids are merely found i was realy scared, i got tested for hiv,my result came negative,but i am still scared,any one who can help me i will be greatly thankful
—Guest Zardyy..

worried stupid

I'm waiting for my results and I'm scared to death because where I came from it's question of honour
—Guest behzad

Why me

HIV testing is probley the scariest thing Iv ever had to face! i had a 20 + list of partners in the past as I sat in the clinic I asked myself why did I do this to myself ?taking risks are not worth the torture I put myself true in the month before it took me to take the test and 2 weeks it took to get results! the tests were fine bloods & swabs done in minates results sent in text if neg! the wait was unbarable finally a call came at this stage even if i was positive i just couldnt wait any longer i just needed to know!! i know u might think is she crazy when I say this but I was lucky I had chlamydia but no other infections or HIV!! I say I'm lucky because I know now this infection could be cured If caught in time. this experience has thought me no risk no matter how exciting at the time is worth this living hell! Get ur test done it will probley be the hardest decision u will make but it could save u others
—Guest Forever worrying


reading a case here of this lady sseroconversion has out the anxiety into force.i had a false postive(i pray it was a false) and then reapted 12-13 combo test tom im going for the six month mark test.hope all comes back okay,but this post will haunt me for another 6 months .thanks janet
—Guest noman

Terrified to Face the consequences

Unfortunately, I had unprotected sex for the second time I ever had sex. I really do not know what got over me that day but I was completely fine leaving my fate and reproductive health in a STRANGER'S hand! Yes, it was a STRANGER-not anyone I loved or had feelings for. What's worse is he did not even have a condom! Well, about 10 days after I had flu-like symptoms and was sick for a long time. He never even replied to my text message about his STD status. It's been about 2 years since then and I haven't been tested. I don't have a boyfriend but I really hope and pray that I am HIV negative. I wouldn't even know how to explain it to my parents or loved ones or even my future boyfriend that will be extremely ashamed and grossed out!!! I wish I could turn back time but I can't! My best bet now is to abstain from unprotected sex. It's crazy how one little moment can quickly change your life forever. Please be safe everyone. Especially for someone that does not even know your worth!
—Guest Scared

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HIV Testing: The Fears, The Realities, and The Stories

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