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Readers Respond: Where Do You Go For STD Testing and Treatment?

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Updated July 30, 2010

There are many options for medical care when you're looking for STD testing. Some people choose to go to their regular physician, while others prefer to get their STD treatment and testing at a free STD clinic or visit another low-cost option like Planned Parenthood.

This is the place where you can talk about where you've chosen to go for STD testing, share what it was like to go to a free STD clinic, and discuss your STD treatment experiences.

NOTE: To answer anonymously, log out of your account and then post as a guest. I can not offer you a diagnosis here. For specific symptom questions, please visit your doctor. Share Your Experiences

Sick of the Stereotyping

I didn't notice the article making it sound like you had to justify an STD test but I get feeling you need to. What bothers me is what you often hear regarding STDS -that you are higher risk if your not monogamous. There is a huge difference between being responsible adults in an open relationship and someone being irresponsible and having sex with people they just met or barely know, and possibly with no protection. I've only tried the open thing once, and I'm NOT someone who sleeps around , but I don't' think it's fair to vilify people who choose different relationship types.
—Guest Anon 1

What a horrible article

A good share of the people who read this article will not ask for an STD test because they therefore will have to justify their reasons why to the quack asking WHY. The only proper response from the Dr is Yes - of course. I wish everyone would be tested. People are embarrassed to ask BECAUSE THE DOCTOR MAY BECOME THE GRAND MORAL INQUISITOR - as the require the explanition. (as your article suggests we should do.) ***From your guide: I actually agree with you, that that's what doctors should say - "Yes." Unfortunately, they often don't.****
—Guest un named guest

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Where Do You Go For STD Testing and Treatment?

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