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Readers Respond: Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Herpes Infections

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Updated February 23, 2010

There isn't enough evidence about any natural herpes treatment - lysine, zinc, honey, and echinacea included - for most doctors or scientists to recommend them. However, many people like to use natural treatments for herpes - either as an adjunct to conventional drug therapies or as a substitute for them. Share your experience with such complementary and alternative medicine treatments for herpes here.

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Herpes for 24 yrs- lysine WORKS for me

I have had herpes 2 since 1989.. i have been married for the last 21 years and my husband has never contracted it. I have had regular outbreaks over the last 23 years. I always hear people say that as time passes, they don't come back as frequently but that's not true for me. I am healthy, trim and active but I am a social smoker, i eat chocolate, drink caffeine and am considered a fairly high stressed individual. Some times i get a break out once a month, sometimes it's only about every 2-3 months but it's been this way for years for me. I take no meds, supliments or anything. My outbreaks are intense with sores averaging 4-7 little bumps and it takes a good week plus to go through the process. I have just kept the area covered with a small bandaid and i keep dry and clean. I read about lysine and have been using it for 6 months or so, i am AMAZED at how it's helped me! When i start to have an outbreak or feel the itch, i take 1000 mg and the next day, they're gone! WOW!!!
—Guest red

Not exactly true

To say that people are angry over a lack of cures for many diseases out to realize scientist have been working for 50 years is specious to me. To me a year 50 years ago would be far less productive than a year today. In today's modern world there are computers, super microscopes, instantaneous internet communication and on and on. To me there is a strong political current flowing through the research on many diseases just as there was in the approval of vioxx and other dangerous medication. I think a lot more could be done than is being done. I think a lot of medicine is fraudulent. That doctors prescribe medicines for favors. Much of what I said is factual and well know. I think you, researchers, and doctors are mostly failures who go through motions without much creativity or feeling.....just chasing the money as usual. ***From Your Guide: While there are certainly a lot of problems with the medical research system, people really are trying very hard to come up with a cure for herpes. Furthermore, as a person who succeeded in doing so would likely end up both famous and rich. I don't think your "chasing money" argument holds much water. Finding a cure for a disease is not simply a matter of throwing time, money, and technology at a problem. It also requires insight, luck, and the potential for a cure to exist.***
—Guest James

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Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Herpes Infections

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