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I'm worried I may have an STD...

It can be pretty scary wondering if you might have an STD. It's even worse when you're not certain how to react... or what to do. Fortunately, the first step is easy. You need to get tested.

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) Spotlight10

Is the HPV Vaccine Racist?

Is the HPV vaccine racist? Depending on how you look at things, the answer could be seen as either yes or no.

Is There A Link Between STDs & Prostate Cancer?

Both herpes and trichomoniasis infections have been linked to the risk of prostate cancer. However, the reason for that link isn't as clear as it is for the link between HPV and cervical cancer.

The Affordable Care Act & Women's Health

The Affordable Care Act, more popularly known as Obamacare, has a number of provisions that are directly beneficial for women's health.

Violence and HIV

Domestic violence has been linked to HIV risk across a variety of types of relationships.

Online Dating and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Online dating can be a great option for people with STDs to meet others in similar situations. On the other hand, it can also increase risky forms of casual sex.

Is there a relationship between Viagra and STDs?

The relationship between Viagra and STDs is mostly what you might expect. More sex means more risk.

Drug Adherence

Drug adherence is important, particularly if you have a hard to control condition, such as HIV.

Why Don't People Talk About Cold Sores The Same Way As Genital Herpes?

There isn't as much pressure to disclose oral herpes infections as there is genital infections. Here's why I think that is.

80's Nostalgia

Sometimes I miss being an HIV educator in the 1980's. I'm glad HIV is so much more treatable now, but it feels like there's less motivation to change.

When Doctors Stigmatize STD Patients

Understanding why doctors stigmatize STD patients means understanding that doctors are human, and flawed, just like the rest of it.

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