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Elizabeth Boskey, Ph.D.

Condoms in the News

By March 7, 2012

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Condoms were literally on the red carpet last week when Zac Efron dropped one on his way into the premiere of The Lorax. I am aware of this fascinating information thanks to the hard work of Google Insights, which I have trained to inform me of interesting news about condoms, STDs, and safe sex. Or, to be more accurate, I have trained it to inform me about news that people are interested in. There can be a substantial difference.

In the middle of last week, the search "Zac Efron condom" was an enormous breakout hit, something that first made me wonder "Who is Zac Efron?" and then "Why is a teen star marketing a condom?" Of course, as it turns out, the young star wasn't marketing his own line of prophylactics, he was just an unfortunate victim of gravity and the news media's desire to talk about how the fresh face of Disney is all grown up. While the tone of many of the articles is a bit judgmental, I say good for him! Carrying a condom suggests that he's probably a smart young man of good character. It says that he's sensible enough to want to be prepared, if and when he chooses to have sex.

Heads up, people! Carrying a condom doesn't mean you're having sex*. It just means that you've thought about the fact that you want to be safe about it once you're ready. Personally, I think that's a great message for his teen fan base, and I wish that people would stop trying to make being prepared look like a bad thing.

*I could care less whether a 24 year-old movie star is sexually active. The vast majority of 24 year olds are, but it's absolutely none of my business.
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