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Condom Size Chart


Updated May 29, 2014

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Different coloured condoms on tubes
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One of the least talked about characteristics in choosing a condom you like may be condom size. Just as not every man is built the same, neither is every condom. Too small, and the condom could be uncomfortable. Too large, and the condom could slip off. The second is actually far more of a problem than the first, because condoms are extremely stretchy - I used to do a demo that involved pulling one over a combat boot. Still, most men will be much happier using condoms that fit well, and to facilitate that, condoms come in a range of sizes.

If a well endowed man has some discomfort using a condom, it's often due to discomfort at the comparatively less stretchy tip.

Several condom brands make condoms where the main body width is the same as their standard condom, but the condom size at the head is increased - in the table below those are usually the condoms with two girth measurements. This type of condom design can be helpful, because it is usually the head of the condom that is tight on a man, while the body is stretchy enough to accommodate men of almost any size. Keeping the condom body smaller than the head also reduces the possibility of condom slippage - especially when they are used by men who only need larger condoms to fit their insecurities.

Trying to find a condom you like? It can require some experimentation to find the condom that will work best for you, especially since every condom brand has its own definition of "regular" and "large." Try visiting a sex toy store that lets you buy single condoms or condom assortments so that you have a range of options to play with. Oh, and don't trust the package description. One condom brand's "XL" condoms may be the same size as another brand's regular ones.

Note: This table will be updated with information from other manufacturers as it becomes available.

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Condom Size Chart

Brand Style Length (mm) Width (max/min in mm)
Durex Close Fit 178 49
  Sensation 178 52
  Ribbed 178 53
  Pleasuremax 195 66/54
  Elite, Extra Safe, Featherlite, Performa, Select Flavors, Tingle 205 63/52
  Avanti Ultima 205 63/52
  Comfort XL 251 63/54
Lifestyles Straight, Flared/Baggy, Studded, Ribbed, Flared 150-200 52
  Contoured 160-200 49
  Extra Large 195-200 56
Kimono MicroThin (Ultra Lubricated/Ultra Thin), Thin, Textured 190 52
  MicroThin Large, MAXX 195 59.5/52
They Fit Custom Fit condoms, 95 sizes 77 to 232 41 to 69
Glyde(vegan) ULTRA (regular/medium)   53
  MAXI (large/xl)   56
  SLIMFIT (snug/slim)   49

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