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How do doctors test for different STDs? What do you need to know before going to a clinic? Is anonymous testing better than confidential?
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Does My Doctor Do STD Testing As Part of My Regular Check-Up?
Many people think that their doctor routinely checks them for stds as part of their annual exam. They're probably wrong.

Do I need special tests to see if I have an anal STD?
There are a lot of anal sex risks, particularly if you're not practicing anal safe sex. Numerous STDs are easily spread by anal sex, and if you have an anal std it may not be detected by regular STD testing. That's why it's important to tell your doctor if you're having anal sex so that she can test you accordingly.

What could happen if I don't get tested for STDs?
Getting tested for STDs regularly is important, because not knowing you're infected with one or more STDs can have potentially serious consequences.

Don't E-mail or Post STD Pictures Looking for a Diagnosis
Although some STDs have highly characteristic sores, rashes, or lesions, most of them can not be diagnosed simply by looking at a picture of them... and it would be unethical for a medical practitioner to try and diagnose you from your STD pictures even if they could.

What Does it Mean When My Test Results Are Inconsistent?
Diagnostic tests aren't perfect, which means that sometimes people receive conflicting test results. How do you interpret your results when you've gotten two different results on an STD test?

Screening Guidelines for Sexually Transmitted Disease
Figuring out what sexually transmitted diseases you should be screened for and how often isn't a trivial process. Although many people assume their doctors will screen them automatically, that just isn't true. You have to ask - and you need to know what to ask for.

STD Testing - How To Talk About STD Testing
Before you have sex with a new partner, it's important to talk with them about STD testing. It's a good idea for everyone to be screened for STDs before embarking on a new sexual relationship. Here is a sample script for how such a sex talk might go

Reasons Your Doctor May Not Want To Test You For STDs
I spend a lot of time advising people on how often they should get screened for STDs, but sometimes it's not that simple. Not all that infrequently, I hear stories from individuals who ask their doctors for an STD test and are told no. Sometimes the doctors have good reasons for not testing for STDs, but other times they are simply ill-informed about risk and other related information. Her…

Is There a Herpes Blood Test?
Not every doctor is aware that it's possible to screen a person's blood for herpes, but herpes blood tests do exist. They are widely available from commercial testing services, although blood tests for herpes aren't perfect.

STD Symptoms Gallery - STD Pictures
Although many STDs have no symptoms, and thus the only way to be diagnosed with an STD is to visit your doctor for appropriate testing, people often question whether the lumps, bumps, and sores that appear on their body could be STD symptoms. These STD pictures are intended to help people satisfy their curiosity but are not a substitute for a...

Getting Tested for an STD
What should you know about STD testing before you go to the doctor?

Nationally Notifiable Diseases - Which STDs are Nationally Notifiable Diseases
Nationally Notifiable Diseases - Which STDs are Nationally Notifiable Diseases

Can I get an STD blood test or do I need a swab?
People often want to know if they can get an STD blood test and avoid the scary swabs...

Does a Positive Herpes IgM Test Mean I Was Recently Infected with Herpes?
Some people think that a positive herpes IgM test means that they were recently infected with herpes, but is that true?

When Doctors Stigmatize STD Patients
Understanding why doctors stigmatize STD patients means understanding that doctors are human, and flawed, just like the rest of it.

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