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Urethritis - Abnormal Penis Discharge & Swelling

Penis Discharge is a Non-Specific STD Symptom


Updated July 06, 2010

In men, chlamydia and gonorrhea in men often have no symptoms. However, sometimes they present with penis discharge, redness, or swelling.
Urethritis - Abnormal Penis Discharge & Swelling

This patient presented with urethritis, a swelling of the penile urethra that may be symptomatic of several different sexually transmitted diseases.

Photo courtesy of the CDC/ Jim Pledger
Urethritis is a swelling of the penile urethra that can be symptomatic of many sexually transmitted diseases - most commonly gonorrhea and chlamydia. Because urethritis is so non-specific, this type of swelling, redness, or penis discharge must be diagnosed by a doctor. Only a doctor can screen you for potential causes and treat you appropriately.

Men with gonorrhea are more likely to experience discharge than men who are infected with chlamydia, but a large number of men with either condition still experience no noticeable symptoms. That's why screening is so important. Just because you do not have penis discharge or discomfort does not mean there is no infection.

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