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Genital Warts

HPV Doesn't Only Cause Cancer


Updated July 06, 2010

HPV is becoming widely known as the virus responsible for cervical, oral, and other cancers, but it can also cause genital warts.
Genital Warts

This patient is experiencing an outbreak of genital warts caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). An outbreak such as this should be seen by a doctor to make sure it isn't anal cancer.

Photo courtesy of the CDC/Dr. Wiesner
These genital warts pictures give you an idea of what such an infection may look like. The extent of a genital wart infection can vary from person to person. Some people end up covered in genital warts while other people may only experience a few isolated lesions. In either case, it is important to get such symptoms checked out by a doctor, so that they can detect any pre-cancerous or cancerous changes that may also be present.

Not everyone who is infected with HPV will have symptoms. There is no way to tell if someone has HPV simply by looking at them.

Although these genital warts pictures will help you be certain that you do have genital warts, there is no good way to be certain that you are not carrying one of the viruses that can cause them. Currently there is no commercial test for HPV in men, and although there is an HPV test for women it is designed to look for the cancer-causing varieties -- not those that are more likely to lead to warts.

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