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What is AIDS?
AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. In some ways, the most important word in that name is syndrome, because AIDS isn't a disease in the way most people think of diseases. Instead, AIDS is a definition. You have AIDS when you are infected with HIV and when your body fits certain criteria that show you are immunocompromised.

A Timeline of HIV Vaccine Research - 2004-2009
When it comes to the development of an HIV vaccine, 2009 was a banner year. For the first time, a clinical trial of an HIV vaccine actually showed some positive results. Still, many people, including myself, remain unconvinced that an AIDS vaccine is even possible. Use this time line to learn about the history of HIV vaccine development, Thailand's positive results, and the possible future of AID…

A Timeline of HIV Vaccine Research
The early history of HIV vaccine development was one of hope and promises. From the moment the HIV virus was discovered, scientists, politicians, and activists alike all believed that an AIDS vaccine was right around the corner. There were dissenters, but mostly there were promises. It took years before hope was largely replaced with disappointment. Use this time line to learn about the history o…

HIV Vaccine Development
The development of an HIV vaccine has been plagued by difficulties. Although when the HIV-1 virus was discovered in 1984 scientists thought that it would be only a few years before an AIDS vaccine was developed, they were far too optimistic. It turns out that HIV is incredibly effective at evading the mechanisms targeted by most vaccines. It took over 25 years for HIV vaccine development to see i…

Why Can't Doctors Just Make an HIV Vaccine
Some people look at the HPV vaccine and wonder why, if doctors could make a vaccine for HPV, they couldn't also just make an HIV vaccine. What they don't understand is that HIV and HPV are two very different viruses.

HIV Myths & Misconceptions - Misunderstandings about AIDS
There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about HIV/AIDS and how it is spread. What are some of the stranger ones that you've heard? How do you think these misunderstandings affect the treatment of HIV positive individuals in everyday society?

HIV Contact - Can I Get HIV From Shaking Hands
A reader recently wrote to me to ask why, if you can't get HIV from casual contact, health care workers are required to wear gloves at all times when working with patients. This is how I answered.

Is there a relationship between genetics and HIV resistance?
There are genetic mutations that make some groups of people more susceptible to HIV than others.

What Is the difference between HIV and AIDS?
Many people don't understand the difference between HIV and AIDS. HIV is a virus; AIDS is a definition

Having Children When HIV Positive
In 2007, more than a quarter of the women who gave birth to HIV positive infants had no idea they were HIV infected until it was time to give birth.

HIV/AIDS Overview
For some people, HIV has changed from a death sentence to a chronic illness. However, this requires testing and effective treatment - something to which many still do not have access.

What Do I Need To Know About HIV During Pregnancy?
Proper treatment can reduce the likelihood that you will transmit HIV to your baby.

How is HIV/AIDS Treated?
Treatment for HIV is incredibly complex.

What Are The Symptoms of HIV?
HIV doesn't really have specific symptoms. Instead, you generally just end up with the symptoms of the diseases it leaves you vulnerable to.

How Can Circumcision Reduce A Man's Risk Of Acquiring HIV?
Circumcision can reduce a man's risk of acquiring HIV.

Why Dental Care is Important for People with HIV

HIV Entry
HIV entry into white blood cells is dependent on cell receptors and not all strains of HIV gain access to white blood cells in the same way. Those variants that use the CCR5 receptor are known as CCR5 HIV or CCR5 tropic HIV

Do I have AIDS or HIV?
Many people have trouble understanding the difference between AIDS or HIV. Learn about it here.

If my partner and I both have HIV, do we still need to have safe sex?
If you're an HIV positive individual having sex with someone else who is infected with the virus, it's still a good idea to practice safe sex. Learn why.

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