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Living with STDs

How should you talk to a new partner about STDs and STD testing? Do people treat you differently if they find out you are infected with an STD? How do STDs affect your ability to function emotionally? What should you do if you think your parter might have an STD? What are the long term consequences of STDs?
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Having Children When HIV Positive
In recent years, almost all HIV infections occurring in U.S. children were the result of mother-to-child transmission. However, the epidemic is slowly coming under control.

Living With Herpes
Learning that you're infected with genital herpes can be scary. However, a genital herpes diagnosis isn't the end of the world. Just because you're living with herpes doesn't mean you can't find love - or do anything else you want in your life.

Dating with HIV and AIDS
Becoming HIV+ doesn't need to spell the end of your love life.

HIV in the Workplace
How does an HIV diagnosis affect your job?

I Just Had My First Herpes Outbreak
When people experience their first herpes outbreak, they're often shocked to hear their partner accuse them of cheating, when they assumed their partner had lied to cheated on them. However, neither is necessarily true. It's possible for someone to have herpes for years without knowing it, and then transmit it during an established relationship,...

HIV & The Americans With Disabilities Act
The Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA) protects individuals with HIV from discrimination. Here are some frequently asked questions about HIV and the ADA on the official government website.

Is it possible to get an STD a second time?
People often wonder if STD treatment lasts forever, or if it's possible for an STD to come back.

STD Match
A dating website for people with STDs.

Meet People with H
A dating website for people with herpes.

HWerks - A Dating Site for People with HPV and Herpes
A forum member has had good success on this site.

I just got a herpes diagnosis and feel like my life is over. …
More and more recently, I have been hearing from young men and women experiencing such severe depression after a herpes diagnosis that they are talking about killing themselves. If you are considering suicide after a herpes diagnosis then you need to get help.

Talking To A Partner About Safe Sex and STD Testing

The Quest for a Herpes Vaccine
Scientists are trying to make a herpes vaccine, but it hasn't been easy.

Is There A Link Between STDs & Prostate Cancer?
It's been several decades since scientists first linked STDs to cervical cancer. Now these infections have been linked to prostate cancer as well.

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